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Moms-to-be in Malaysia can now go for their 60-day maternity leave two weeks before the confinement, without having to wait until the due date. The new ruling took effect on 1 May 2009.

Once the 60 days of leave are consumed, they are expected to report to work.

To obtain the approval for the maternity leave, all they need to do is to present a letter by a doctor stating their expected delivery date to their superior.

The new ruling was introduced by the government as part of an effort to improve the benefits and perks to the civil servants. In 1998, a 60-day maternity leave was introduced in place of the existing 48 days to the government employees.

Last year, another ruling that allows mothers to take up unpaid leave for up to five years (for the first five babies) was introduced.

Cuepacs, the union body of the government employees, however, are now pushing the government to increase the number of days in the maternity leave to 84 days. According to Cuepacs president, Omar Osman, the extra days are imperative, especially for those who deliver their babies through caesarian procedure.

*** utk gomen saje ke???or private oso can do de same???

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